Nicola Machalová

As my interest always was to understand people better and help in a way of well-being, I have graduated as a master of Psychology. But there was always missing something in this field. We were working with the past and future, but never with the presence. We were working with thoughts, but never with our body, which is a very important screen where the whole inner mental world is being projected.


When I understood how necessary it is to pay an attention to our body and mind together, my yoga journey started. In 2016 I got certified in India (YTT200), one year later in UK for Yoga therapy for women and recently I have finished advanced teacher training in Nepal (YTT500). For 2 years I was also teaching and managing Bikram yoga studio in Czech Republic. I am very interested in Movement therapy and in my free time I practice Thai yoga massages, where yoga asanas and deep relaxation both meets under mindful touch.


What I have learnt on my journey is that yoga is not offering one sequence or philosophy, but keeps you open-minded and encouraged to be confident, stable and living from center to all directions out. Because I believe that we all have our potential and wisdom within, and yoga might be guiding tool to help us stay aware enough to understand it.


Let's start this journey together on our mats!

Nicola teaches Yin yoga, her classes are in English.

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